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Daniel Fink Computer Services
Daniel Fink
Technology Service
Daniel has valuable intuition when it comes to what will work on a website and what won’t. He supports his intuition and analysis with facts and research and works tirelessly to make sure every webpage on your website is perfect. In his free time Daniel enjoys playing and recording music.
Emily Heike's portrait.
Emily Heike
Web Design and IT Services
Emily has a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and Administrative Management with a specialization in Web and Database Administration from Central Washington University. She is a perfectionist when it comes to technology, is an excellent communicator, and is friendly and courteous.
David Dumdei web design.
David Dumdei
Web Design and Business Services
David Dumdei has 10+ years experience developing websites and online marketing stategies for local businesses. He has extensive education and experience in search engine optimization and website conversion techniques. He is also a gifted teacher and has a way of making complex web design concepts easy to understand. He will surprise you with his creative solutions and marketing strategies. David also oversees Assai Tech business services and computer services and device repair.