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Data and File Recovery Sequim, WA

Local Data and File Recovery in Sequim, WA

Recover your documents, pictures, videos, and more.

Need your files and data recovered from a crashed computer? In most cases we can recover your valuable pictures, documents, videos, and more from a broken computer,  laptop, tablet, or phone. We provide data and file recovery service in Sequim and Port Angeles. It is about more than just restoring your invaluable data, we will also safeguard the data and protect you from future situations that might put your digital property at risk. Contact Assai Tech today to have your files and folders restored!

Did Your Hard Drive Crash?

If your hard drive crashes the data is very likely still recoverable. In most cases the cost to restore your files and folders is around $110. In rare cases your hard drive will have to be disassembled and special equipment used to recover your data. This procedure is much more expensive and ranges from $800 up to $3400. And, in very rare situations,  usually involving fires or other extreme physical disasters, all or some of the data can not be recovered.

Did a Virus or Other Form of Malware Infect Your Computer?

Malware infection is the most common cause of data loss. Malware can damage your data and/or render your computer or device unusable. Assai Tech’s computer repair service can remove all malware infections from your computer. We then restore security to your system to avoid further infections and restore your files and folders.

Hard Drive Data Recovery


Did your computer, tablet, or phone break?

We can retrieve your files and folders from broken computers and devices in most cases!

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